Our mental health program aims to provide youth with counseling services while offering predominantly short-term counseling and psychotherapy. With the aim of ensuring that whatever personal, emotional or psychological problems you experience, the impact of these on young peoples academic studies are kept to a minimum and the capacity for achievement is optimised. Some of the key areas for which the Counselling service can provide assistance with include:
| Adjusting to school      |  Homesickness loneliness  | Cultural transition    | Social skills  | Self-esteem issues    | Confidence building  |  Individuation from parents  | Stress and anxiety  |  Depression and suicidal feelings |  Loss and bereavement | Loss and bereavement  |  Trauma and crisis intervention  |  Rape and sexual assault
|  HIV/AIDS counseling  |  Sexual identity issues  | Addictions  |  Academic problems including motivation and concentration    | Relationship issues  | Family problems  | Any other personal, emotional, social or psychological problem