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Grades and Levels (Pty) Ltd as an organisation was founded in 2011 with a premise to form a formidable platform that seeks to change the South African youth landscape.

Our Programmes

Bursary Fund

“The bursary fund is to assist students with funding for education as well as equipping students with the necessary tools to obtain an education. High school learners will be assisted with resources to enable them to obtain matric certificates. Resources will include but not limited to uniforms, computer labs, tutoring services and varsity application fees.”

Job creation

“Full time students are currently employed by our organization to do part-time work in the campuses where they study through a work-study programme, since  the beginning of 2018 the organization employs new graduates without experience at it’s offices all over the country ”


“The organization will use innovative ways of fundraising including amongst others: Hosting a flea and farmer’s market, Digital sports tournament, Benefit concerts, Gala dinners etc. these events will involve the 26 Universities, 50  TVET Colleges, 6000 High schools and 18 million young people”

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